Many people think that Tantra – it’s something extraordinarily enchanting and necessarily associated with sex. But when it comes to courses tantric sex and faced with routine exercise and fully clothed partners, they often become frustrated and just leave. To understand what is tantra, you need to read some facts.

Tantra – it’s not just sex. Rather, it is a practice that allows you to expand your consciousness and increase your energy. A person reaches a maximum level of energy when two opposite sexes contact. First you need to understand when there arise a power peak of energy between people. Therefore, proximity and individual breathing exercises are necessary.
What are the non-contact exercise? The instructor gives a job to stay in a certain position, to breathe together and to listen to your feelings. A sense of unity and common emotional state arises, because you want to adjust to the partner’s breath.
When people should move to tantric sex? When a person reaches a certain skill in the exercises and establish a connection with your partner. Tantric Sex can only happen with a woman practicing tantra. This is not an act just for fun; it is an exercise. In tantric sex it is all the same, but very slow. Sometimes partners stop and just breathe. Everything should be done in a certain order and with continuously synchronized breathing; later you will stop being distracted by the breath and synchronize. Sometimes the whole act may take up to 3 hours. Orgasm can be very lengthy. Man feels himself tensile entity which soars above the ground and explodes with an orgasm.
How the normal sex life changes? Disappears feeling of tension, thoughts are not distracted by extraneous threads and focus on movement and breathing. There is sympathy for the partner and the desire to make pleasure. You feel strong but smooth feeling even in normal sex. Some girls in Istanbul Escort Agency may service you with tantra sex. Try it – it is a really good experience.