It is not necessary to improve the technique of sex and spend a lot of time learning new sex trends to impress a girl. It is enough to follow these advices, and your girlfriend will be delighted for a long time. Here they are:
• Decided to give her an oral sex? In that case try to give pleasure on the time when she is not expecting it. If you start the evening with a kiss, and fall below gets to her underwear, everything becomes immediately clear and it would be good surprise for her. An other thing: wake her with oral sex. Indeed, when she is sleeping, she did not know what you’re going to do, and it’s really come as a surprise.
• Praise her for making pleasure for you. If when she is caressing you, you are silent, then it seems that she is trying in vain. Everyone is happy when is praised, so show that you are satisfied. So, you will make her glad, to make her love to do blowjob and ensure yourself the title of sex symbol.
• Do not stop kissing. Of course, sometimes the memory is completely lost in the heat of passion, but it does not mean that you should forget to kiss her and continue petting. Do not lose the emotional and tactile communication, try to look into the eyes and actively participate in the process.
• Do not fall asleep immediately after sex. Yes, it’s hard, but try not to sleep. Your girl will appreciate the desire to talk about something even if you’ll only mumble and assent.
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