Sexual satisfaction or orgasm is something that needs practice, certain approach and compliance the recommendations of sexologists. Many people simply need to relax to reach orgasm, for someone it is difficult to enjoy sex, and it becomes a problem, which is not so easy to solve.
• The first thing that you need to achieve and especially to extend the orgasm is relaxation. The body that is tensed cannot enjoy the moment and get satisfaction. At the same time, relaxed body in contrast will feel any touch, and will answer with a wave of bliss.
• Pay attention to how you breathe! Deep breathing before, during and after orgasm will give you an unforgettable experience. Breathing deeply with chest and belly will certainly prolong the orgasm. • If you still don’t feel comfortable, try to move your hips and gently shake the hips. Maybe you just have not warmed genitals and you just need a little time.
• Do not be afraid to moan or shout with pleasure. Do not force yourself to restrict emotions, it will create tension and distract from the body relaxation and enjoyment.
• Do not be afraid of experiments with poses, sometimes quite unexpected pose can give a storm of feelings and bright orgasm.
• To achieve the exciting moment forget about everything that worries you, leave it for later and give yourself the opportunity to get pleasure from sex, from a partner and from this moment.
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