Classic sex does not mean old-fashioned. You can start with private conversation and get to know your companion better. Feel free to touch her hair while she is flirting with you, see what is in her eyes, what does she want. Do not hesitate to show what is likely for you, take her hand and direct is somewhere you would like to be touched. Slowly and steady you will come to main action through the prelude. You know it is very important part, when you two breathe deeper and heart is beating faster. Now is the main dish – she is yours, you are the man who is holding the situation. You can be a tender lover or you can be a rude man, you can be whoever you are in the mood to be. Just merge with your partner and enjoy wonderful time the way you both like it. Play with your companion, tease and please and you will be rewarded with much delicacy. After passionate play you may enjoy some other performances of ask for a company.

Anal sex is as ancient in centuries as still kinky for some men. If you never tried it before, why don’t you try it tonight? This is the right time, because your companion is a dream came true. Look at her perfect skin and tight ass, don’t even try to resist! If you are experienced one, it will be as great as it would be in your dreams. Do you like to play dirty or you wish for angelic pure? Do it doggy-style or look in her eyes while holding and bending her back while she is on your knees? Or maybe you wish for anal sex in jacuzzi and play with water flows tickling your body? Let us suggest that maybe you want to be the one who is passive in anal sex, but was shy to try it. So do not be, we will be extremely gentle to you playing with our toys. Our girls will never bore you in sex. Your fantasies are easily realizable with their experience and skills. Seduction is an art and they are muses and artists. Be sure that you will definitely enjoy time with our nymphs and receive the best memories of your journey.

Oral sex can be part of a prelude or the main dish of your evening. Remember, lips and tongue are not only for kisses. Just to try to imagine touch of full and juicy lips on the top of your dick and then slow sliding of tip of the tongue down and around, making you breathe faster. Do you like “Magic 8” trick or deep throat? We like it too! Do not forget how creative our girls. How about a blowjob with ice cream or under water in a tub? We know you like extraordinary sensations. You can possibly think of some peculiar actions while having oral sex – we predicted this and got prepared: lots of toys and stuff to play while you caress each other in 69 pose. Our girls are sweeter than wine, so this tongue play will be a whole satisfaction for you and your partner. All you need is to relax and let the precious stranger please you.

Golden shower as known as urolagnia may also satisfy your spirit of an adventurer. It is a game that can be played while you are in a bathroom with your companion. If you are not master of watersports yet, do not hesitate and try it with your experienced friend – she definitely knows what to do. There are always three actions in this performance: to give, to receive and to get satisfaction by watching and feeling. Which part are you in is up to you. Do you remember the pleasure to pee after couple of hours of enduring? This is close enough to the joy of giving golden shower to somebody, especially slim blonde or hot brunette who will do everything you want to fulfil your wishes. Also it is absolutely harmless for you and your partner, so it is win-win to try it for the first time or to perform it the way you like it usually, or to freshen your experience with some new toys while playing.

Strap-on is a device that erases gender edges and helps a woman feel herself a bit as a man by having a penis and power above a partner. This way you may change roles with your friend, but if there is three of you, there must be a great show for one of you and amazing game for girls. Confess, there were several times you thought about being owned with a dildo. Was it giant or normal size and was it inside of you or in your hands? Whatever fantasy was about we are ready to realize it. You may use it with your friend alone or ask to join one of companions to assist you in some threesome positions. Do not miss your chance to discover yourself from the other side, we can keep secrets. All you have to do is call us and order in advance one of girls who you found attractive and trustworthy. Let’s meet our new impressions together!

Spanking is some sort of BDSM. You may have watched Nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier and thought how you wish to be the one who is spanking main character. Or maybe you like it in lighter forms? For example, spank your partner with your palm say “Who is the bad girl?” We are sure you would love to play spanking game with girls of our agency whether you love leave bruises and scars or do it gently. Of course you always have a choice to spank or to be spanked. If you choose the second one, prepare your butt and get satisfaction. Before spanking session surely consider the stop word and how intense spanking would be. It is common to use your belt, whip or bunch of ropes for flagellation. You may choose everything you like, but do not forget that safety goes first. Play safe and satisfy your game with perfect strangers!

Choking and all stuff connected with asphyxia is mostly popular in BDSM as well as in hardcore sex. It is considered as symbol of obedience and submission and turns on many women who love it harder. Like spanking it can be performed with your hands or some devices such as gag or leather strap. It depends on your goals. If you want to mute your partner, better use gag. But if you would like to keep one’s life in your hands and see subjugation in your girl’s eyes, it is better to try choking. For peculiar lovers it can also be a whole hanging performance. As in all BDSM plays safety is main part of entertainment. You can be also gentle and choke your lady kindly so she would feel your power and domination, but won’t feel any discomfort so as you.

Threesome, foursome, whole gang – it is possible, if you are in a mood for it! Some of our girls will be glad to play with you in company. You may start with a party with cocktails and music and steady proceed to preludes and plays. Two ladies may give you twice more pleasure and help to release the tension after a long day, stressful meeting or brighten up the leisure time together. You will meet more opportunities cuddling with handsome girls. Just imagine how hot it is to be petted by couple of beautiful ladies, touching their skin, smell their hair and realize it is all yours… If you want to have fun with your friend, girls will not mind. You know, they love to meet new people and get close to them. Have a wonderful time together everywhere: walking on the street, having a dinner, in bed, in a hot tub, it always will be fun and pleasure to escort you!

Massage is the best way to relax after a long day whatever it was. A great ending of amazing day or a relief after hard day – always perfect to find yourself in warm hands. Our ladies are talented in massage, especially erotic one. A bit of aromatized oil, quiet lounge music, hands of hot and beautiful woman and a tender massage. Sounds like a dream? It may come true with your personal enchantress! Just lay down and get relaxed, your day was long, but night is going to be longer and full with pleasure. We can start with classic massage – our girls study a lot of techniques only for satisfy you, handsome stranger – and slowly proceed to erotic massage with rubbing and kissing… You will realize yourself a king of this night being calm and relaxed, but full of power and energy to make it last as long as it possible! Have a great time with our fairies

Striptease is one of the classical ways of seduction men. And it still works! What could be more perfect than goddess dancing to the seductive music while taking her clothes off? Right, the goddess you booked from our agency! Choose comfortable pose in your chair and watch this gorgeous show and enjoy the sound. Watch do not touch – it is your choice where to put comma, but we would prefer watch and touch both. That is why we recommend you proceed to lap dance after show: darken the lights and feel the grace of your dancing stranger, let her smell imbue you with passion and desire, preparing you for the hot night. Dancing is the brightest symbol that body language may provide to attract you, so be attracted, be ready for the play! It is up to you, where to continue this dancing party. The only thing we are sure about – it would be you best night in Istanbul!

When you are tired of being yourself, does not matter how successful you are, here comes role plays. Sick man and nurse, teacher and student, plumber and housewife, and everything you saw in movies is available to try now. It is only up you to decide who do you want to be tonight. Do not be shy of your oddest desires, we will find a way to realize it! Throw a whole costume party and come up with a role for each member. Or play only with your partner and lead this game as far as you wish. Release your imagination and enjoy wonderful experience of being a Wolf and a Red Hood or ask your companion for advice, she will definitely help you with scenario and roles. It is always great to try something new, so let’s book in advance the girl you see as a perfect actor in your plot. See you in a couple of hours!

Incall: The client comes to the place of business of the escort.
Outcall: The escort goes to the place where the client is staying.

Outcall esccort services have pros and cons for both the escort and the client. This type of escort service is more expensive than incall service. It poses greater risks for the escort. This might also be referred to as a housecall when being tounge-in-cheek about the services being provided to the client.

Cum on Face, Cum in Face or more clear is that this slang for ejaculating on someone's face.

Come in mouth. This may or may not be followed by the swallowing of the cum. CIM stands for cum in mouth, when a man can ejaculate into a woman's mouth. Usually this is an extra when we are talking about escort girls.

Come On Body = COB stands for cum on body, when a man ejaculates on the woman's body.

Deep throat or just DT is when a girl is giving a blowjob and the guy puts most of his dick into the girls mouth. The dick touches the throat, and often makes girls gag. So someone can put deep in her throat a dick while sucking or giving a blowjob.

ExtraBall = Multiple times sex and means that a client can have multiple orgasms and sexual action with an escort girl during the hours he payed.

Fingering is the manual (genital) manipulation of the clitoris or other parts of the vulva, the vagina, the foreskin, or the anus for the purpose of sexual arousal and other sexual stimulation

Just escort (escorts) will show you lesbian show, lesbian games. It's not that girls are 100% lesbian,in escort that means that if you book 2 girls they will or can play lesbian games.

Oral WithOut a condom where the escort girl gives a blowjob or sucking without condom.