Five unusual poses for sex.
1. Waterfall
Advantage: the flow of blood to the head and other affected parts of the body Experts guarantee an unforgettable experience and orgasm. We can add: this pose is what you need, if you are lazy. Scale of passion: 5 stars
2. Embrace cupid
Advantage: increased relaxation with deep penetration Face to face, she hugs your with feet. Chip: frictions at depth can affect the young lady, she will press you with feet to herself Scale of passion: 2 stars
3. Must have for every man
Benefit: comfortable for woman, for you – just an ideal Just put a pillow under her head – it will be more convenient and she could please you longer. Legs put between her armpits, lean your hands against the wall – so as not to fall down with pleasure. Scale of passion: 3 stars (but fun to order more)
4. Merger
Advantage: it is quicker to reach orgasm, easier for you to make frictions. Scale of passion: 5 stars
5. Hard work
Advantage: she can see all the charms of the process Not a pose, but a real challenge: she lies on her back, lifts his legs, and put them on your shoulder. Then helps you to enter, and watch your hardworking. Otherwise, (if you are lazy) it’s not for you, because in case of dissatisfaction she will eat nuts with beer, while you will be trying to love her. Scale of passion: 4 stars
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